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Cool bag
Frame for instant BBQ
Compact and quick construct
Uses a standard instant disposable BBQ
Stowed easily

VW Hamper BBQ.

Struggling to carry the hamper full of food, along with your portable BBQ, Bag of charcoal and lighter fluid!

The VW BBQ hamper houses all of these in one easy product.
Fill your cooler bag hamper up with your drinks, sausages,
burgers... any of your favorite BBQ food.

This product has it all, 1 x Thermal hamper 1 x Instant BBQ

Once at your picnic destination carry the hamper with ease to your chosen area and set the BBQ hamper up in 3 easy steps.

Remove the aluminum frame from the bag
Lock out the legs Place the grill plates on either side and drop in the instant and Light.
From the very start... by placing food into the Cooler bag in your kitchen to the very end of your BBQ picnic the Asado deluxe BBQ hamper has everything you will need to complete a very happy picnic experience.......and still with no Cleaning any BBQ!!!

The Stand can be used on any surface, lawns, wood, glass or plastic without the fear of damage. You can even bring the BBQ to and from a table, the stand can be picked up by the base of its legs and maneuvered into position. People with limited space can easily use the BBQ hamper frame...have a spot of lunch on the balcony or on a boat. The stand is great for beaches, picnics and camping without the fear of burning precious tables or lawns! This robust lightweight stand reduces the fire hazard to virtually nil. And once the Instant BBQ is finished just recycle the BBQ and retain the stand for future use. No more cleaning! last but not least the Asado Grill can be used for heating purposes. Warming the surrounding table area on those cooler summer evenings. In short there is no easier, cleaner, safer way to BBQ!

Using bamboo charcoal as a fuel for cooking is environmentally friendly because bamboo charcoal is
made from a renewable resource and it is smokeless and odorless, making it ideal for barbecues. Most
importantly Bamboo grows 10 x quicker than hard wood. The bamboo is harvested and does not need to be replanted.
Bamboo is so versatile and really is a planet saving plant absorbing as much CO2 as it release so completely carbon neutral.
So when we say 'Guilt Free' Barbecuing you are enjoying a great BBQ knowing you are doing your bit. 

VW Cool Bag Hamper BBQ Kit

SKU: 560128550073
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