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Handy meat rolling tenderizer with safety cover. This stylish, compact, robust steak tenderizer swiftly prepares large or small steak sizes to your requirements. It also helps the meat draw in all those great sauce flavours.


This makes chopping herbs 4 times quicker.  This very compact 4 bladed roller makes short consistent work of any herb. For safety a cover is provided when not it use.

Herb Chopper

Peeler Brush

This Handy knob grater comes with 2 sizes of grater discs. It is a good robust impact tool that allows the chef to create quick and attractive garnishes swiftly and cleaning it is just as easy.

The peeler brush is a gadget that every household should own. This dual purpose tool allows the chef to prepare and wash potatoes with the course brush. If the chef requires the potatoes peeled then the brush can be flipped for the peeler. A simple ergonomic and much needed utensil.

Adjustable Cheese plane and Grater

Flip N Swing Tongs

A sturdy and stylish mirror finished

set of 12 " tongs, 

Dual Garlic Press

Coming soon

This stylish robust Garlic Slice 'n Press is an all-in-one garlic prep tool that crushes or slices garlic depending on your recipe. 

Easy to use and clean. A must for any kitchen utensil draw.

Asparagus Peeler

Snip and peel asparagus stems quickly and easily with less waste with this handy peeler. 
The peeler's clasp locks for compact storage.


This convenient adjustable grater swiftly gives you multiple options on the thickness of slice.

By twisting the end of the tool it can be adjusted to cut wedges to wafers. If you need just a sprinkling, use the metal plate to grate a garnish over any dish

Range of Handy Graters

2 Tone Utensil sets

This industry designed utensil set will brighten up any kitchen corner.

The 2 toned nylon finish will stay bright and colourful for many years creating wonderful food whilst maintaining colour and vibrence in any kitchen space.


Own colours can be requested

This glove will keep your hands protected from hot plates and tray in the kitchen but have you looking stylish at the same time Features; Made from 100% cotton with polywadding filling for protection. Meets British Standard (BS6526). Approx size; 38 x 20 x 3cm / 15 x 8 x 1in 

Corbel GLOVE

Grill Mat

The grill mat is non-stick and heat resistant. It is made of high quality fibre for re-usable and long lasting use. The BBQ Grill Mat makes grilling easy. It keeps your food from falling between the grates or sticking to the grill. Dishwasher safe and reusable makes clean up a breeze! 


- Stops food from falling through the cracks.
- Great for vegetables, bacon, fish, kebabs, rice dishes, prawns and much much more.


To find out more About our range of products please drop us an email.

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