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Who we are

We are a small team with large appetites!

We don't take ourselves to seriously as you might have seen from our
ads. We like to have a laugh whilst working because that's where most of
our time is spent and the best ideas come when relaxed. As your mother would tell you..."Never play with fire". However we have made it our job and  have certainly had fingers burnt in the past from our eager appetites and R and D gone wrong!

What is an ASADO?
Asado is a unique system of cooking techniques in Argentina experienced
at outdoor social events. The name represents the modern age of
convenience in this sector.
Like an Asado our BBQ ranges offer speedy and effortless cooking, with
everything to hand. The traditional 'Asado' is the original ‘portable
grill’, it served gauchos cooking the finest Argentinian beef, whilst
minding their roaming herds across the pampas plains.

Our commitment

Our Asado BBQ range focuses on the extremely portable instant BBQ and convenience. We explain to customers, that the instant BBQ should be viewed as a re-loadable ink cartridge hidden within a nice pen. A functional and yet
stylish complete and compact package.

The instant BBQ is a great universal cooking tool and can be found in
every outdoor activity worldwide, especially: - campsites, holiday parks, festivals, hiking, fishing, boating, parks, beaches and homes, you name it. Asado partners have worked long and hard to encompass and address the requirements of these opportunities, where we are acknowledging that the instant BBQ can be used in so many different ways and environments, and now with a number of devices to add quality and safety to the experience.
The aim is to grow Asado to be the brand of choice, not only in quality,
convenience and innovation but also ethically by promoting bamboo
charcoal as the environmentally healthy fuel of choice. Asado has a huge story still to tell and the market is getting bigger every year as people are just preferring the convenience.

Asado has invested a lot of time researching, learning and revising different and unique social experiences. Asado now offers a range of choices for customers from a very simple frame holding the BBQ off the floor to a glamorous 6 seater glass dinning BBQ table - all aimed at price points which deliver excellent value with the experience.


Asado products are designed to fit the universal sizes of the components and will work with other brands of BBQ tray. The ‘one size fits all’ design creates a constant supply and ensures happy customers are able to locate refills easily. This will not change because the instant BBQ size is set to pallet
dimensions for ease of freight and storage.

Each of our products has got to fore fill the following Asado ethic and be a multi purpose, eye catching, affordable and be BBQ ready in an instant.

4 passionate partners

Who look nothing like this!

Album Cover

Have meetings that do not reflect this stock image.

Team Talk

But do eat like kings.

Burger Shot
Outdoor Family Day

Enjoying BBQ's with family and friends...any excuse!

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