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• Chrome finish BBQ Stand
• Compact and quick assembly
• 1 x standard instant BBQ
• Can be used with any standard instant disposable BBQ or Party size instant BBQ
• Easily stored/stowed away

Asado Dual Instant BBQ & Reusable BBQ Stand

The Asado BBQ frame and instant BBQ which caters for a couple and also for a crowd!

The Asado Dual is simply called this because of the 'Dual' Function. It can either hold the standard size instant bbq or flipped over it can cradle the party size instant BBQ. Quick and easily assembled.

It can be used on any surface in the knowledge that the only thing you may burn is your food!

Using bamboo charcoal as a fuel for cooking is environmentally friendly because bamboo charcoal is
made from a renewable resource and it is smokeless and odorless, making it ideal for barbecues. Most
importantly Bamboo grows 10 x quicker than hard wood. The bamboo is harvested and does not need to be replanted.
Bamboo is so versatile and really is a planet saving plant absorbing as much CO2 as it release so completely carbon neutral.
So when we say 'Guilt Free' Barbecuing you are enjoying a great BBQ knowing you are doing your bit. 

Asado Dual frame instant BBQ chrome metal reusable BBQ stand

SKU: 560128550059
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