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  • Aluminum  Frame
  • Compact and quick to construct.
  • Uses a standard instant disposable BBQ
  • Stowed easily Compact BBQ stand.
  • Includes 2 x Instant BBQ's

The BBQ stand unclips into 4 pieces and slides back into the neat canvas bag. 3 x 1 x 30
every hamper and rucksack should have one!

In just a few seconds you can have you Compact Asado Camper built!
drop in an instant BBQ and light

Made from Aluminum the stand is made to last!
It will NEVER rust and always look as clean and bright as the day you bought it!

All Surface BBQ
The Portable 'Asado Camper' can be used on any surface, lawns, wood, glass or plastic without the fear of damage. The Instant BBQ Stand is very versatile,

Using bamboo charcoal as a fuel for cooking is environmentally friendly because bamboo charcoal is
made from a renewable resource and it is smokeless and odorless, making it ideal for barbecues. Most
importantly Bamboo grows 10 x quicker than hard wood. The bamboo is harvested and does not need to be replanted.
Bamboo is so versatile and really is a planet saving plant absorbing as much CO2 as it release so completely carbon neutral.
So when we say 'Guilt Free' Barbecuing you are enjoying a great BBQ knowing you are doing your bit. 

Asado Camper instant bbq stand and an eco friendly bamboo instant BBQ included

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