Stainless steel
Fits 25mm boat rail
Compact and quick to fit.
Uses a standard instant disposable BBQ
Stowed easily

The Instant BBQ is perfect for boats. Wrapped in cellophane, so water tight and easily stored. No need to keep half full bags of charcoal on your boat. The Asado Boat BBQ was specifically designed to make having a BBQ on your boat simple & safe and an enjoyable event. The Asado Boat BBQ comes with a clamp which once placed on your boat rail will reside there for ever...being barely noticed. When you feel like a BBQ then the frame can be retrieved from storage and the arm extended and slotted over the clamp. The instant BBQ can then be placed in it and lit. The whole job can be done in a matter of seconds. When it's in its stowed position the Boat BBQ Frame is only 7 x 33 x 27 cm and weighs 600g. Made from stainless steel it can be used for many many seasons. Having finished your BBQ, wipe down and placed back in stowage. Many boat BBQ's are expensive and can be large and cumbersome, you may have to store bags of charcoal or lighter fluid taking up valuable space or leave the BBQ itself on the boat rail. The Asado Boat BBQ is more economic in every way without loosing the BBQ experience. Having a BBQ on your boat without the fuss of cleaning the grill and disposing of the charcoal... do your bit and recycle the foil This is a product that can be used again and again from the most meagre of fishing boats to even the most prestigious of vessels. On inland waterways to the open sea.
If you have an inch of 25mm rail then the Asado boat BBQ will fit. We know you will enjoy this simple but effect boat BBQ.

Using bamboo charcoal as a fuel for cooking is environmentally friendly because bamboo charcoal is
made from a renewable resource and it is smokeless and odorless, making it ideal for barbecues. Most
importantly Bamboo grows 10 x quicker than hard wood. The bamboo is harvested and does not need to be replanted.
Bamboo is so versatile and really is a planet saving plant absorbing as much CO2 as it release so completely carbon neutral.
So when we say 'Guilt Free' Barbecuing you are enjoying a great BBQ knowing you are doing your bit. 

Asado boat BBQ barbecue

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